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New Douglas Store in Düsseldorf

A sophisticated design was produced within a short time frame at a luxury shop

  • Building Type: Commercial Construction
  • Pad: Natural Stone
  • Brand: CODEX-X
  • Country:

A sophisticated design was produced within a short time frame for the refurbishment of the Douglas Store at the Düsseldorf Königsallee. The codex team offered the right solution for the successful installation and rapid construction.

The refurbishment of the Douglas Store at Düsseldorf's exclusive shopping avenue exhibits luxurious products within an area of 600 m2. With crystal chandeliers, a fragrance bar and the first independent Chanel boutique a marble finish was required for the floor. The architects Schwitzke & Partner, commissioned the new design based on three concepts; luxury, trend and classic. Each concept epitomized a different location within the store. Clear design parameters were thus specified for each location and the floor represented a key element.

Multi-coloured flooring designated each area

The Douglas Store in Düsseldorf is divided into different areas which are distinguished by colours and design, including the floor, wall and ceiling. Dark marbled tiles, leading from the outside to the inside of the shop, act as an 'bridge'. They also provide contrast to the brightly lit display cases. The floor sections always correspond to the  the suspended ceiling. The separate brand groupings of Chanel and Dior are accommodated in rounded niches, varnished in black, on fine dark tiles. In the rear of the shop care products are presented entirely in soft white and beige tones.

Time-saving flooring with codex

Only a few months were allotted to the refurbishment of the 600 m2 area at the elegant Düsseldorf store. Therefore, everything had to be completed quickly.  Complete renovation of the exposed cementitious screed was necessary. Firstly an insulating layer using UZIN NC 198 a rapid screed cement was created and built up to the level of the existing floor covering where needed. codex Surface Primer was then applied and levelling work was started after another two to three hours. The fibreglass reinforcement UZIN RR 201 was the installed along with FM 50 Turbo levelling compound. The rapid adhesive codex Power Flex Turbo offered the best solution for installing the tiles.