codex X-Fusion



We guarantee this unique epoxy grout is easy to use and effortless to clean.

Epoxy grouts are notoriously difficult to use and hard to remove when cleaning but codex X-Fusion is as simple to use as a cement based grout. Its revolutionary when it comes to cleaning, because it can be easily washed off tiles with water within a hour of being applied.

With 20 colours to choose from it also provides clients with a variety of options.

codex X-Fusion can be used as a functional or decorative grout for ceramic, porcelain or natural stone floor coverings. It is fine, pliable as well as water and chemical repellent making it extremely hygienic. codex X-Fusion offers all the advantages of an epoxy grout but without their disadvantages.

  • Easy to use. No special tools are required. The three components can be mixed together in any order to quickly create the grout.
  • Simple to install. Comparable to a cement based grout.
  • Outstanding finish. Beautiful finish in 14 colours as well as extremely durable and resistant.
  • Versatile. Due to the excellent resistance to chemicals, hot water and strong cleaning agents it can be used in a variety of locations such as swimming pools, salt and thermal pools, large kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms as well as health spas.
  • Easy storage. Virtually unlimited shelf life of the colour component.
  • Flexible. The resin and hardener components can be used with any colour. Simply order or stock the colour component as required.
  • Exceptional quality. Meets the highest quality standards and meets environmental certification such as BREEAM and LEED.


  To download the product data sheet, click the link below.