Are you looking for a premium quality grout that remains spotless and is very easy to clean?

Then inspire your customers with codex X-Care.

Thanks to its closed surface codex X-Care is extremely stain resistant. Even the smallest dirt particles can not penetrate into the hardened material. Stubborn stains such as red wine, coffee and cooking oil can be removed effortlessly.


• Extremely deformable (ideal on timber substrates). Compensates for stress between the substrate and tiles.

• No measuring or mixing required.

• Unused residual material maybe reused.


• Exceptionally dirt and stain resistant.

• Durable and colourfast.

• Very easy to clean.


• Ready mixed.

• Immediately washable after grouting.

Suitable for:

• Joint widths from 1.5 to 8 mm.

• Most tile types, including large slabs and natural stone.

• Use over underfloor heating systems and timber substructures.