The balcony system that‘s safe and clean.

The codex balcony system is the perfect system for installing tile and natural stone floorings outside.

The porous structure of the codex balcony system ensures that any water can drain away.
This makes frost damage and efflorescence a thing of the past.

sealing, stress-dispersion, drainage and ventilation – all at the same time!
The benefit: no damages, no customer complaints.

. . . AND MORE:

  • suitable for use on almost all substrates
  • low installed height (max. 20 mm)

Conventional systems may require the cleaning of soiled tools with solvent-based products. With the codex balcony system, simply clean your tools with water.

Epoxy screed as the binding agent is emulsifiable with water. Your benefit: simple, economical and environmentally-friendly cleaning

  • ready for installation after 1 – 2 days
  • virtually shrink-free

5 Steps To Customer Satisfaction! 

Whether new-build or renovation:

codex balcony system can be installed quickly, simply and with a low installed height.


Detailed System Build-Up  

The High-tech solution:

The codex balcony system is simple and easy to install.