How does it work?

First you need become a member of the codex advantage loyalty scheme, you can register online see the link below. As a bonus we will give you 100 points free just for registering! Then simply order codex products to obtain points. For every 200 points you collect, you can exchange them for £50.00 towards a gift card of your choice. For example, collect 575 points and claim £100.00 worth of gift cards to redeem as you wish on one gift card or across several. Choose from high street retailers, supermarkets, travel companies or spa and event days. 

On what products are points earned?

Points can be collected on selected products across the codex range, from primers and smoothing compounds to adhesives and grouts. However different amounts of points can be earned per product. The full list of products and points per product can be found on the exchange form see the below link.

How to claim your Gift Card*

The loyalty scheme runs between January and December. Once you have registered and collected enough points, send us the exchange form and a copy of your invoices and we will arrange for the gift card(s) to be sent to you. You can consolidate your points throughout the year or claim each time you have collected 200 points.