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codex - exclusive to real tilers

With high quality product systems, the codex brand-name stands for the professional installation of tiles and natural stone

Established in 2007, the new brand from Uzin Ltd provides products for the professional installation of tiles and natural stone. With our expertise and technical knowledge we have innovated several unique and reliable systems for waterproofing, rapid remedial repairs and easy removal.  We are also renowned for our problem solving solutions and technical service, visiting building sites and providing expert advice.

Unique products, professional systems and reliable service.

codex is market driven and committed to investments into research and development. We examine our customers requirements and develop first class products to meet their needs. We have innovated many unique solutions such as the balcony drainage system and Multimoll insulation underlay which disperses tension and shear force between the substrate and ceramic covering.

Substrate preparation.

For substrate preparation you can rely on our unbeatable know-how. Outstanding primers, surface treatments, levelling compounds as well as innovative damp-proofing systems.

Tile and Natural Stone Installation.

Each type of tile or stone requires a specific installation technique. Whether ceramic or stone, we are always there to provide the best solution.


It is the grout that gives professional workmanship that final finish. We have used the latest technology to develop a comprehensive and innovative range.

Environmentally responsible.

Product safety and sustainability are at the heart of our responsibility as we continually look to improve the ecological credentials of our products. The codex range of ecoTec products have been awarded EC1 PlusĀ® accolades which provide the most eco-friendly approach for flooring installations as they are solvent-free and very low emission. Ideal for those seeking BREEAM or LEED certification.